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March 01, 2023

3 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Irvine

Living in Irvine has many benefits. Besides having amazing weather and being close to about a hundred beaches, including Crystal Cove State Beach, Aliso Beach, Laguna Beach, etc., Irvine gives you the perfect place to enjoy sunny days around the neighborhoods any time of the year.

Check out our top three best neighborhoods in Irvine if you’re looking forward to calling this amazing city your home.

Top Neighborhoods in Irvine, CA 

  1. Starting with Irvine Business Complex, this residential district gives its residents the full urban feel. You’ll also find fun outdoor activities near this neighborhood, like Mountains to the Sea Bike Trail, San Marco Park, and San Mateo Park. Irvine Business Complex gives you a chance to have everything right outside your apartment. You’ll get the beauty and convenience of the city while still having amazing views and parks to go for a walk whenever you want!
  1. Oak Creek has been one of the favorite places for families and young professionals who enjoy eating at restaurants, coffee shops, grocery shops, and parks surrounding their neighborhood. They even have an Oak Creek Golf Course for those who like to enjoy an afternoon playing golf in the comfortable weather. One of the things that characterize Oak Creek is that it is a peaceful and quiet community.
  1. In this neighborhood, you’ll find a rock that resembles a turtle when looking at it from the right angle. That’s how Turtle Rock got its lovely and unique name. If you’re looking for a place that gives you that suburban, comfortable vibe. Turtle Rock may be your go-to. There are many parks to choose from, including being close to nature for hiking or just enjoying the view. And if you feel like exploring the Turtle Rock Trail, look at their map before deciding on this 50-minute (on average) hike.

Living in Irvine

Irvine has made it a priority to preserve open spaces; that’s why everywhere you decide to live, you’ll find beautiful views and a variety of incredible parks open to the public. With a very friendly community, no matter which neighborhood you live in, you will be welcome in Irvine.

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