Affordable Housing

If you are interested in one of our affordable units, we will be compiling our Affordable Housing Interest List between March 13, 2019 and ending on April 27, 2019 for a duration of 45 days. In order to be included on our Affordable Housing List, you are required to fully complete the Affordable Housing Interest List Form.  All interest list forms will receive a confirmation number within 72 hours and placed on the Interest List.

If you cannot access the form through the link or need a paper copy, you may obtain a copy at one of the following locations:

  • Legacy Partners, 5141 California Ave., Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92617
  • Irvine City Hall, Community Development Department, 1 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine, CA 92606


All paper interest list forms must be mailed to Legacy Partners, Attn: Skyloft Affordable Program, 5141 California Ave., Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92617 and post-stamped by April 27, 2019, to qualify for a confirmation number.

Inquiries will only receive one confirmation number per household. If it is found that a household is attempting to submit several inquiries to receive more than one entry, they will forfeit their initial confirmation and be notified that they will be removed from the interest list.


After April 27, 2019, a lottery will be held, and the results will be posted on our website on May 7, 2019. The application approval will be held by our affordable housing compliance partner, Urban Futures, Bond Administration, Inc. All applicants will be required to meet the applicable rental criteria including the income eligibility requirements noted below. Please call 949-724-1510 if you need assistance.

Income Guidelines

Income Limits per Number of People in Household*

Household Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Very Low Income $38,300 $43,750 $49,200 $54,650 $59,050 $63,400 $67,800
Moderate Income $77,900 $89,000 $100,150 $111,250 $120,150 $129,050 $137,950

Affordable Housing Rents*

Studio 1 Bedroom 2 Bedrooms
Very Low Income Rents $695 $801 $881

Moderate Income

Studio 1 Bedroom 2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms
Moderate Income Rents $1,669 $1,913 $2,133 $2,344

Affordable Units by Floor Plan Type

Unit Type Total Units Very Low Income Unit Mix Moderate Income Unit Mix Total Affordable Units
Studio 31 4 1 5
1 Bedroom 208 12 8 20
2 Bedrooms 140 8 5 13
3 Bedrooms 9 1 1
Total 388 24 15 39

*The income limits and rent amounts shown are subject to periodic update based on information from the California Department of Housing and
Community Development and the Orange County Housing Authority.

Interest List Closed

Skyloft's Affordable Housing interest list is now closed. Lottery results will be posted on May 7th. See The Lottery Results