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October 30, 2023

Discover the Top 3 Apartment Ready Indoor Plants

Imagine stepping into your apartment and being greeted by a lush green oasis. This can easily become a reality if you know which would be easy-to-care plants for your apartment. Keep reading and discover the best houseplants for apartments. Embrace nature right inside your home.

The Best Indoor Plants for Your Apartment

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen will steal the hearts of those looking for a minimalist plant. This stunning plant, also known as Aglaonema, needs indirect sunlight and is watered once every five to ten days, depending on its soil. Also, they’re perfect if you’re looking for variety since you can get a Chinese Evergreen with splashes of red or silver on their bright green leaves. 

String of Pearls

Indirect sunlight and water once every two to three weeks will make your String of Pearls as happy as possible. This unique succulent will be the spotlight of your home. It can be settled anywhere, and it’ll shine by its distinctive shapes. When you let them grow, you’ll be amazed by the sight of their dramatic “leaves” that look like pearls.


If you’re looking for an elegant option, orchids are a must-have. Their variety of colors makes this a very popular choice amongst plant lovers. This is also an excellent houseplant for apartments since they need to be watered once a week and in indirect light. Place your orchid in your home office or living room to create a calm atmosphere and allow yourself to enjoy the view. 

Nature Inside Your Irvine Apartment

As you can see, incorporating nature inside your home can be used as a decorating item. Not only does having plants in your apartment come with health benefits, but it also makes your space look vibrant and lively. Pick one of our three incredible options and see the change it makes inside your apartment in Irvine.

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