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October 11, 2019

Must Have Disney Halloween Time Souvenirs

As the summer comes to an end, the most magical place on earth gets a haunted makeover. With Disney characters in Halloween costumes, haunted mansions, “wicked snacks” and the Main Street Pumpkin, Disneyland’s Halloween Time is a must visit at this time of year. One of the best parts of the visiting Disneyland while it is turned into a Halloween-land? The unique collectables and frightfully fun themed treasures. We know you’ll love experiencing Halloween in Disneyland, but here are a few things you won’t want to forget to buy once your magical California adventure comes to an end!

Disney Halloween Pins

Have a friend or family member who collects seasonal Disney trinkets but can’t make it to Halloween Time at the Disneyland park? We know souvenirs come in all shapes, sizes and forms, but it’s no doubt that a spooky mickey mouse petting a black cat pin is something a collector would absolutely cherish and you’ll be glad you grabbed for memorabilia, so it’s pretty much a must have. And given that the entire park changes for the holiday, you will have no problem finding a huge variety of all of your favorite Disney characters in a costume they don’t usually wear, on a pin! You might buy it with intentions of gifting it, but once you see how cute they are, you’ll probably want to keep it for yourself. 

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Pumpkin Backpacks, Tees and trick-or-treat buckets 

Everyone in California knows that Halloween season is near when the pumpkin mickey mouse jack-o-lantern is perched on Disneyland’s Main Street. And if you are lucky enough to have theme park tickets during this festive time, you’ll notice the Main Street pumpkin is not alone- everywhere you turn looks like a pumpkin themed, Disney Halloween party! Adding to the magic, it’s no surprise that the iconic merchandise found at the Disney Emporium matches the spook-tacular theme. Everything from pumpkin-mickey mouse backpacks to shirts with spooky designs cover the store from the entrance to the back wall. Have a little trick or treater in your life? You may as well grab an orange mickey bucket for them to hold all of their Halloween candy for when the time finally comes to trick or treat!


Candy Corn Mickey Ears

This year’s ears are a cute and classic design that you would regret leaving the Disney park without. The mickey ears are iconic and truly speak for themselves, but when you add the subtle orange, yellow and white stripes, they instantly become the mickey ears of Halloween Time. There are hundreds of thousands of magical magnets, pins, hats, trinkets, shirts and more that embody Disney’s Halloween Time, but nothing compares to the ears. Looking for something more colorful? This year Disney has Dia De Los Muertos themed ears, Adams family ears, and much more. They’re spooky cute, and we all know you’re never too old to wear mickey ears. 

Have you experienced Disney Halloween Time? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram, and share your favorite finds that you couldn’t leave the park without! Also, make sure you keep following the blog here so you never miss other California hidden treasures.

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