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September 23, 2021

Family Friendly Activities in Irvine

Irvine, California, is known for fine dining and plenty of entertainment options to keep you and your family busy. This Orange County city boasts nearly 300 sunny days per year and above-average-ranking schools.

Plus, renting an apartment at Skyloft means you enjoy access to its pool, LUXE Bar, children’s play area, grilling area, hot tub, and more whenever you’d like! Below, check out some local perks and family friendly attractions you can visit when you call Irvine, CA your home.

Great Park Balloon

Soar 400-feet in the sky over a pristine landscape filled with palm trees in a hot air balloon at the Great Park Balloon. Dogs are welcome on the ride.

Great Park Balloon is part of Orange County Great Park, giving you access to the children’s rock park, carousel, art complex, and farmer’s market. The park is also home to sports fields and walking trails, so make sure to take in the fresh air and sunshine.

Irvine Spectrum Center

Irvine Spectrum Center has it all — shopping, dining, and another carousel. Sit back at one of its entertainment venues, like the Improv Comedy Club.

The Irvine Spectrum Center has over 130 stores to explore, including Nordstrom, Target, Garage, and Urban Outfitters. Enjoy lunch or dinner at one of the full-service restaurants or pick a casual dining option. Restaurants in the center include California Pizza Kitchen, The Cheesecake Factory, CUCINA Enoteca, Luna Grill, and Subway.

Pretend City Children’s Museum

At Pretend City Children’s Museum, children learn through hands-on activities, like role-playing. In addition, the museum features an amphitheater where children can get on stage and express themselves, all while building self-confidence.

The location also hosts a beach area with a construction zone. Children can interact here, build their fine motor skills, and put basic science concepts to work.

San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary is open to the public every day. This sanctuary consists of more than 300 acres of freshwater wetlands. As you walk through, you can witness over 200 bird species in their natural habitats and enjoy a tranquil atmosphere.

The sanctuary is also home to rabbits and lizards, and in the evenings, you can take a guided bat walk with a biologist.

You’ll love living in Irvine and coming home to the luxurious Skyloft apartments, near so many of these attractions, and more. A variety of units are available for rent today. Reach us at (844) 345-0745 or request a tour online.

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