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December 15, 2021

Great Gift Ideas for the Pet Lover in your Life

Smart Collars

Over 10 million dogs and cats go missing each year. Giving a smart collar as a gift is an effective way to help friends and family avoid potential heartbreak. These high-tech collars connect to GPS systems, allowing owners to quickly check their pet’s locations on an Android-oriOS-compatible phone app. When comparing smart-collar features, focus on long battery life, waterproof design, and weight.

Automatic Vacuums

Many pets shed. Automatic vacuums can take the headache out of keeping your floors clean. Most automatic vacuum models work equally well on carpets and hardwood floors, and some models can empty the debris into their charging bases.

Hammock Car Seat Covers

These cleverly designed hammocks are ideal for dog owners who often take their pets on car trips. The seat cover slips over the headrests of both the front and back seats, protecting your vehicle upholstery from damage. In addition, the hammock will catch dog hair and keep your seats clean.

Catnip Pillows

Catnip pillows are small, aromatic pouches that contain catnip. Smelling this minty herb results in full-on excitement from most cats. They’ll happily roll over and flip around  after catching a whiff.

Catnip pillows are inexpensive. Many pet stores sell multi-packs of catnip pillows for under $10. If you can sew and want to give a personalized gift, these pillows are easy to make for the cat lover in your life.

Laser Pointers

Laser pointers are another low-budget way to entertain cats. The quick, erratic movements of a laser keep cats entertained for hours. The benefits are twofold: the cat gets some exercise, and the pet owner gets some fun out of it as well.

Water Fountains

One of the cat’s lesser-known evolutionary quirks is that they prefer to drink from moving water sources rather than still water. They’ll tend to go for a dripping faucet in a sink rather than a bowl of water next to their food.

A battery-powered water fountain can enrich your cat’s life in more ways than one. The cat drinks from its preferred source, and the owner doesn’t have to shoo the cat off counters and out of bathtubs.

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Image by Benevolente82

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