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January 04, 2022

How To Make Your Pet Feel at Home in Your New Apartment

Give your pet room to explore with a spacious, pet-friendly suite at Skyloft. Make sure to introduce them to their new environment slowly and with patience. As a general rule, you’ll want to start a cat in one room and gradually introduce them to the rest of the apartment. With a dog, keep them on a leash at first and slowly walk them through.

Once your four-legged family member adjusts, they’ll have plenty of room to play and enjoy their new Irvine apartment. You’ll want to spend extra time playing with your pet as they get used to their new home.

Try setting up your pet’s belongings, such as their bed or cat tree, as soon as possible so they can sniff out their scent and remember they’re in a safe place.

Use the Apartment’s Pet Amenities

Skyloft has made the acclimation process easy with a dog run and park, which are not only fun but provide great exercise opportunities. Pets will enjoy meeting other pets around the building, and as soon as they meet new furry friends, they may forget about the move altogether.

If you notice your pet is a bit stressed or isn’t taking to the location well, take them to the on-site pet spa for some relaxation time.

Visit Nearby Pet Amenities

Fortunately, if your pet struggles with adjusting or needs routine medical care, vets are nearby, including Tustin Legacy Animal Hospital. Trustin Legacy provides sick, wellness, and emergency visits. In addition, Friends of Laguna Beach Dog Park is a great spot to take them out for some fresh air.

Skyloft Makes the Move Easier

Your pet will adjust easily with the pet-friendly amenities at Skyloft, including a dog run, dog park, and pet spa. Experience these pet-friendly apartments for rent in Irvine for yourself, and come on home.

Image by Lucia Romero

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