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August 14, 2019

Dive Into a Story at Irvine’s Best Book Shops

Books have been opening hearts and minds for centuries. There is no quicker way to leave your world behind and explore new places than by diving into a good book! Irvine is crawling with delightful little book shops and book megasellers that are just waiting for you to discover them. If you are ready for your next literary adventure, head to one of these local bookshops.

Whale of a Tale

This adorable little shop specializes in children’s books. This makes it an ideal stop for parents, teachers, nannies, and anyone else with a special little one in their life. They regularly hold author readings and have played host to legends like J.K. Rowling, Henry Winkler, Julie Andrews, and more! You never know what wonders are waiting for your child inside A Whale of a Tale.

Barnes & Noble

Maybe Barnes & Noble isn’t a local bookseller, but there is a reason this national giant has remained while so many others have failed. Through the demise of Borders, B. Dalton, Waldenbooks, and more, Barnes & Noble stood strong. The selection is massive, and you can easily find support and content online. For more than 130 years, Barnes & Noble has been chugging along. Hopefully, they will carry on for many years to come! 

Heritage Park Library Bookstore

If you support libraries and want to do your part to help them thrive, Heritage Park Library Bookstore is for you. All profits from the sales of books here go to supporting the Heritage ParkLIbrary and helping them get materials, run programs, and continue to be a center of the community. 

Bonus: Lido Village

This isn’t an Irvine shop, but it’s worth the trip to Newport Beach to visit Lido Village. Lido Village is a small independent bookstore on Balboa Peninsula. They host plenty of events and have a great selection. Plus they special order from anywhere and ship anywhere! The knowledgeable staff will help you find your next favorite book!

With the rise of ebooks, audiobooks, and the golden age of TV, bookstores have had a rough few years. Do your part to keep reading alive by shopping at one of these great booksellers! Let us know what your favorite books are on Facebook or Instagram, and keep following our blog here for more Irvine fun!

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