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January 07, 2020

Get the Scoop: Irvine’s Best Ice Cream Shops

Okay, so here’s the scoop. We all know that January is a time for new year resolutions and eating healthier, but there are just some things in life you are willing to ‘cheat’ for when it comes to that “new year, new you” diet. And we’re here to tell you where you can find some of the best ‘cheat worthy’ ice cream shops in Irvine!


HoneyMee Irvine

HoneyMee Irvine is ice cream that you can feel good eating. Made with fresh milk from a kosher-certified, family-owned California dairy farm and mixed with 100% pure honey and honeycombs, you can taste the quality in every spoonful. And who wouldn’t love a cone full of smooth and creamy soft serve ice cream drizzled with local raw honey? Plus, since it’s that time of year when healthy eating is a top priority, it’s important to note some of the amazing health benefits that come with eating honey! Packed with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties along with promoting healthy digestion and antioxidant levels, honey is not only a delicious ice cream topping, but great for your health too!

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Have you ever looked at something and thought, “No way, that’s way too pretty to eat.” Well, that’s how we feel about the beautiful ice cream creations at SomiSomi! This Korean-inspired soft serve ice cream is stuffed into a beautiful, ornate fish-shaped cone, while the ice-cream enthusiast founders strive to provide “personalized ice cream experiences with a Korean flare” to everyone who enjoys it. And part of the magic you can’t see from just a photo; the inside of the ornate-fish cone can be filled with your choice of creamy Nutella, custard, taro and more! And not to mention their 18+ different swirl flavor options! Cute, delicious and totally Instagram worthy.



Fresh to order, customizable, liquid nitrogen ice cream with all of the toppings you could imagine is what you’ll find at the Irvine Creamistry. An up-and-coming trend in the ice cream world, using liquid nitrogen instantly freezes the cream (or desired base) of the ice cream, rather than the traditional technique of pumping and churning with air to create a solid texture. This unique technique results in a very rich and creamy scoop, that you then top, mix and drizzle with any and all of the toppings you desire. The Creamistry is not only a fun experience, but also has vegan and non-dairy options too!

These are a few of our favorite places in Irvine for a scoop, soft serve or honey drizzled ice cream. What are yours? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram, and keep following the blog here for more Irvine treasures!

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