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April 08, 2020

Top Movies Filmed in Orange County

If there’s one thing we know about living in Orange County, it’s a popular place for filmmakers to make their movies. Some of the best feature films of our time have scenes shot in and around Orange County, CA. Who doesn’t love watching a movie or TV show and recognizing the surrounding environment featured in the scenes? You may be surprised just how many local areas are used in a diverse selection of films.


The movie “Beaches” was filmed just a hop, skip, and a jump away from what is now Skyloft Apartments on the beautiful beaches in Laguna and Crystal Cove in 1988. This classic tearjerker features Bette Midler, Barbara Hershey, and their tumultuous lifelong friendship.

“Jerry Maguire”

Watch “Jerry Maguire” and you’ll discover several Orange County area locations used to film various scenes throughout the 1996 hit-movie featuring Tom Cruise. Did you spot the Newport Beach Fashion Island or John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana?

“Iron Man”

The modern architectural style of the Masimo corporate office building in Irvine makes the perfect film location for any futuristic-looking office setting. Tony Stark, otherwise known as Robert Downey Jr., makes his appearance several times walking the halls of this local office building in the 2008 film, “Iron Man.”

“Fast and Furious”

The first of the Fast and Furious movie franchise features action-packed street racing gangs, including characters played by Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker. One scene was filmed in Little Saigon in Westminster, where the rival gang catches up to Diesel and Walker and their cars blow up.

“American Sniper”

One of the most recent blockbuster hits to be filmed in Orange County is the 2014 film, “American Sniper,” portraying Bradley Cooper as the American hero, Chris Kyle. Many prominent scenes throughout the movie were set and filmed in Orange County, including the Seal Beach Pier.

“That Thing You Do”

This story set in the summer of 1964 had scenes shot throughout the Orange County area. The Orange Circle, or Old Towne Plaza, easily captures the retro look of the 50s and 60s, making it a perfect setting for Tom Hanks’ “That Thing You Do.”

“Pearl Harbor”

Ever driven past this giant and wonder what on earth it is? The Marine Corps Air Station’s Tustin Hangar can be seen in many different movies, but the most popular could be the 2001 historic drama, “Pearl Harbor.”

Photo Credit: Dave Walker

There are countless movies filmed in and around the Orange County area. Share your favorites with us on Facebook or Instagram and be sure to keep following the Skyloft blog here for more posts like this!

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