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August 21, 2019

Turning the Tables on OC’s Best Record Shops

Everyone has different taste in music. Some crank hip hop. Some relax to a Chopin nocturne. Some seek out the newest pop sensations and some keep it old school. The one thing we can all agree on is life would be a lot more bland without a variety of music to choose from. For some audiophiles, the only way to really experience music is on vinyl. The analog engravings of records is a completely different experience from the highly produced and processed sound of digital music. For those vinyl loving types, try one of these OC record stores to build your collection.

Creme Tangerine

Is there anything more Indie than a vinyl store in an Airstream camper in an anti-mall? Creme Tangerine in Costa Mesa checks all the boxes. They may not have the widest selection of music, but what they do have is a highly curated collection of the best music ever created at reasonable prices. The passion for quality music has driven this business for more than 8 years now and helped to create one of the more popular record shops in Orange County. 

Port of Sound Record Shoppe

If you are looking to be slightly overwhelmed by options, Port of Sound is where you want to be. The instore selection is enormous, and there is even more available online. From movie soundtracks to novelty records to greatest hits albums and everything in between can be found at this vinyl megamall. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will point you to in new exciting music directions without being condescending or snobbish. It’s the ideal place to discover music and maybe find some new favorites. 

Factory Records

Factory Records is the baby of Dave James, who has been in the record selling and collecting game since the late 80’s. They have an impressive collection of rock from the 60s through the 90s, as well as a variety of jazz, prog rock, and experimental options. When you go to Factory Records, it’s really like you are going to Dave’s place and going through his stuff with him.  He knows a lot about music and has a deep love of helping people find just the right album. It’s a great place to find records, but it’s also just a great place to hang out. 

Whether you are a vinyl collector or not, it is always fun to explore the collections at independent record shops. Try one of these shops and share your finds with us on Facebook or Instagram, and keep following our blog here for more OC adventures!

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