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April 29, 2022

Renting at Skyloft Over Owning a Home

Skip the chaotic real estate markets and avoid the hassles of owning a home by renting a luxury apartment at Skyloft apartments. Irvine is closing in on a renter majority and our community is among the best to choose from in terms of lifestyle, design, amenities, and more. Read on to get the low down for the major perks of renting over owning.

It’s All About The Skyloft Amenities

Skyloft was curated by a unique group of renowned artists, sculptors, and interior and horticultural designers to transform the space into an oasis to retreat home to. For residents, our upscale amenities add so much value to renting an apartment in Irvine. Our exclusive Luxe Bar is a private rooftop club for residents only featuring artisan cocktails, beer, and wine from acclaimed Bosscat Kitchen & Libations. Other perks include spa-style cabanas, a state-of-the-art golf simulator, lush gardens, signature spaces by celebrity designer Thomas Schoos, and so much more.

Flexibility To Upsize or Downsize

The beauty of renting at Skyloft is the option to upsize or downsize to different apartment sizes based on your needs. Our apartments were inspired by contemporary coastal living with clean, modern spaces featuring high-end appliances and cutting-edge smart-home technology. There is so much flexibility to change living spaces, you can skip a multitude of costs and fees while maintaining a lifestyle of luxury.

No Hidden Costs at Skyloft Apartments

Unlike owning a home, renters’ costs are relatively transparent and predictable. No maintenance costs, repair bills, or property taxes are all major perks. Not to mention, renters do not worry about the hidden costs of being a homeowner that can spring up out of nowhere, like replacing a roof unexpectedly. No need to worry about surprise costs when you rent at Skyloft apartments.

Avoiding the hassles of owning a home or purchasing a home in a difficult market makes renting an excellent option. Skyloft apartments is an excellent option for the forward-thinking. We look forward to welcoming you. Contact us today for a tour or for more information.

Image by Dean Drobot in Shutterstock.

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