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September 26, 2023

Top Stay-In Activities For Your Irvine Apartment

The main benefit of being part of a community you love is having fun, even when staying inside your Irvine apartment. No matter what kind of entertainment you’re craving, these stay-in activities for your home will help you create exciting memories.

Easy and Fun Ideas for a Night In 

DIY Pizza Party + Movie Marathon

Find an easy recipe to make pizza, and have fun picking out the ingredients with your friends! You can try to create a big homemade pizza for all the attendees or make smaller individual pizzas customized to each attendee’s taste. 

While your pizzas are in the oven, discuss some of your latest favorite movies so you can start a marathon. Take some time to go through the list of the most popular movies and enjoy. 

Home Spa + Board Games

Nothing says relax more than a face mask, a good drink, and friends. DIY fresh face masks, wear comfy clothes and share funny anecdotes. A pampering session is a go-to activity for a good reason. Unwind and enjoy this stay-in activity for your home, and see how easy it is to feel like new in your apartment. 

Of course, a spa day can also be done just for yourself. Instead of taking out the board games to play while your mask dries down, binge-watch your comfort TV show, and enjoy some takeout and your drink of choice. 

Inside Camping + Ghost Stories

One of the many things to do in Orange County is camping. But what if you don’t want to sacrifice the comfort of being inside your apartment?

Bring out your blankets and pillows to “camp” in your spacious living room and get the ingredients to make a perfect s’more. While the night settles in, go for classic camping activities and see who can tell the most scary stories. You can have a full camping experience without the mosquitoes. 

Fun Things to Do in Orange County

The countless opportunities to make new memories start in your luxury apartment in Irvine. Don’t miss the chance to explore your community amenities and take a stroll around your neighborhood. Irvine has something for everyone. 

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